HestiaCP Cloudflare DNS Challenge and some more Questions


is HestiaCP possible to resolve SSL via DNS01 Verification for example with cloudflare?
The thing is, im using an external reverseproxy and the DNS is not pointing correctly on my ip.
So its pointing from Domain --> ReverseProxy --> my IP.

So the main problem is, i dont want to expose my main ip. for security things.
I just want to host a Forum and a WordPress Wiki. Thats all.
Without DNS LetsEncrypt the Problem is, that most times the IP is exposed in the SSL Certificate.

Or is it possible to bind the certbot cns letsencrypt to the hestiacp ssl ?
So on the Server im doing with certbot dns01 my certificate and this is automaticlly “mounted” to hestiacp


If you use Cloudflare please follow https://docs.hestiacp.com/admin_docs/ssl_certificates.html#can-i-use-a-cloudflare-origin-ssl-certificate-with-cloudflare

Hi Eris,

Excuse me, maybe you have answer the question but the link point to a 404 page … And a lot of doc.hestiacp.com/??? point to 404 …

We have decided to split up the pages in web / dns / database / email as it became to long…