HestiaCP & Collabora Online + NextCloud

Hello guys! I use the HestiaCP control panel on my server in configuration Apache web server + NGINX proxy server. I have a Nextcloud running on the server. I need to launch a Collabora Online.
Docker is running for the domain name on which the cloud is deployed, There are no problems with docker, it is running and listening on port 9980.

I created a separate subdomain, got letsencrypt certificates for it and tried to change the config files apache2.ssl.conf and nginx.ssl.conf for this subdomain according to instructions https://nextcloud.com/collaboraonline/, but Collabora Online app in NextClod gives an error message: “Failed to connect to Collabora Online Server.” To connect, I specify the address of my subdomain in the application settings.

I ask for help in solving this problem.

Hi Abrikos, do you mean the instructions here? Sounds to me as if you just want a proxy from your subdomain ports 443 & 80 to your application specific port, which is best achieved with nginx (it can be done with apache too, but really, pick one). I cannot find instructions for that on the nextcloud documentation to link to, but this is pretty generic and described here (for nginx - I recommend) or here (for apache2)

What’s best to do when doing stuff like this with Hestia, is to make use of templates. When you just edit configuration files they are overwritten on any update, rebuild etc. More on this here



Yes, I use templates, just in this case, while testing is in progress, and if everything works, then I will configure the desired template. I do everything according to this instruction https://nextcloud.com/collaboraonline/ . Point 2. Install the Apache reverse proxy - I took the code, substituted the address of my subdomain and the path to the certificates, replaced the code in the apache2.ssl.conf file, but nothing worked, then I tried to do this https: // icewind.nl/entry/collabora-online/ for NGINX in file nginx.ssl.conf, but got the same result - doesn’t work!

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I see, I overlooked the instructions on that page since it just looked like a landing page. Can you even access the subdomain itself? (does it resolve, does it display anything - without adding it to nextcloud, or is this necessary? I’m not familiar with nextcloud) Have you checked the nginx logs for clues? (or apache2 in case you want to use that, I have no experience with that though)

Update: I just realised that going with the apache proxy is also not a good idea from the perspective of the default Hestia configuration (yours) where NGINX is used as proxy already. I fact, if you’d use apache2 as a proxy there, you’d basically have two proxy’s chained which seems like more room for configuration error.