HestiaCP connection refused after restart server

Good morning.

After update hestiacp to 1.2.0 with apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, file manager system was not working and hestia service was not working correctly, I say, it works but service return 76 error code.

Today I have restarted the server and hestiacp, with mi custom port 58083, does not working. Hestia service is running.

I think that it is a vestacp bug inherit.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks a lot

Probably you will have to update the firewall rule for the new port.


The problem was that nginx.conf was modified and ssl port for hestiacp was overwritten to 8083.

Thanks you.

Did you changed the port manualy in the nginx.conf file? If yes, please consider to use v-change-sys-port to prevent any port reset due to upgrades if hestia-nginx.

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Yes, from two years ago I worked with vesta in my vps and I was change manually control panel port, and with hestia I did the same.

Executed v-change-sys-port and everything is OK.

Thanks a lot.


Perfect, thanks for the feedback - just use v-change-sys-port for feature servers, your port will then also be saved in hestia.conf and set back to it during upgrade.