Hestiacp control panel is accessable with all hosted website:port

I host my cp at and have pointed my domain, hestiacp.example.com, to that ip. I am sucessfully able to access the control panel via hestiacp.example. tld:2083. The funny part now comes. I’ve used hestiacp to host three websites, including qwerty.com, xyz.com, and abc.com. When I try to access abc.com, the related website opens without a problem, but when I try to access abc.com:2083, the control panel website loads instead. The other websites are experiencing the same issue. how can this be stopped from happening?

There is currently no way to disable it.

It is because as Hestia is currently run as a service on port 8083

Option would be create a template with Nginx


And just block port 8083 / 2083

why would you open a perfect domain name with a port?? ie. your abc.com instead abc.com:2083

is there a reason you want to add a port number after the homepage?

reminding you, hestiacp needs port number not domain names :bulb:

Because Hestia runs under a separate process and it can’t share the port number with Nginx

The user complains that both: demo.hestiacp.com:8083 and hestiacp.xyz:8083 show the login page…


with this option, a single entry point to phpmyadmin will no longer work for you. I wonder when it will be fixed ?