HestiaCP detect wrong public IP

I have an issue with my new server detecting the wrong IP.
My local IP: points to public IP: and it works fine with installing HestiaCP successfully.

When I check the Hestia panel network it uses → and I edit and change it back to → and it works without any error.

I also use v-list-sys-ips to check IP also correct →

The problem when i send email test with Roundcube the sender IP is not

Please tell me how to fix this issue!

Hello @makara,

Check what is the ip configured in exim to be the outgoing ip for yourr domain:

cat /etc/exim4/domains/HEREYOURDOMAIN/ip

If the ip file contents the wrong ip, before changing it manually, try to rebuild your mail domai:
v-rebuild-mail-domain USER DOMAIN

and check the ip file again.



Thanks @sahsanu for the quick response.
I have checked /etc/exim4/domains/HEREYOURDOMAIN/ip and exim4 set IP local: correctly.

I try v-rebuild-mail-domain USER DOMAIN too and it still IP local:

I try to send mail test again with www.mail-tester.com it still show wrong public IP, public IP mail sender should be

Is there any way we can custom mail sender IP address?

So you don’t have assigned public ip to your server, only private one and you are using NAT.

What is the output of this command?

curl http://ip.hestiacp.com

But I think it is a routing “problem” not an Hestia issue.

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Also, show the output of traceroute:

traceroute -n ip.hestiacp.com

Maybe you would need to install it apt install traceroute

Yes I use private IP on my VM and NAT to public IP → website is working fine only issue with webmail

I try this command and it show
curl http://ip.hestiacp.com

I also try this command too and it list many IP
traceroute -n ip.hestiacp.com

We are talking about two different things, one thing is input (website) and the other thing is output (sending mails)

So, your default gateway is using

Yeah, I know, if I told you to execute a command is to view the output :stuck_out_tongue:.

Anyway, with traceroute command you would see the routes it is using to reach the website ip.hestiacp.com and you will see what is the gateway it is using. I’ve no idea how you have configured your network and/or router but by default you are using instead of

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Thanks you so much @sahsanu I think I have configured wrong network. I will check again. :laughing:

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