HestiaCP development continues

I was thinking about installing Hestia on a low-resource VPS and wanted to ask a few questions first.

1 - Is the HestiaCP project still open? I ask because on GitHub I see updates almost weekly and in the last 5 months there has been nothing new.

2 - Would I save some resources by not installing Filesystem quota or is this micro optimization absurd? :slight_smile:
Would many resources be saved by not installing VSFTPD and exclusively using SSH via SFTP?

Greetings to all :slight_smile:

Yes, it is, but devs are a bit busy on their projects, be patient :wink:

If you won’t use some feature/service, don’t use/install it.

Well, it will depend on the use case, the concurrent users, etc. but usually you won’t notice any performance issue when using quotas or when vsftpd is installed… but as I said, if you are going to use a low resources VPS, don’t install anything you won’t use.



Thank you very much sahsanu
I’m going to do an installation to see how it goes :slight_smile:

Do you recommend Debian 12 or Ubuntu 22.04 LTS?
I know any of these will work, but maybe one of them works better on low-resource VPS.

or the OS that is going to give me the least problems, my level with bash is somewhat limited

Both will work fine. I’m using Debian 12 but that’s a personal choice :wink:


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