Hestiacp + dnsmanager

Good afternoon. It would be great to integrate dnsmanager support into the panel.
This is true for hosting providers that use a single dns server.

API - https://docs.ispsystem.com/dnsmanager/developer-section/dnsmanager-api

If someone can do it (even on a paid basis), we will be very happy.

Hestia has allready fully support of running a DNS cluster setup with muiltple servers…

We don’t have plan to develop a 3rd party…

Can I order development on a paid basis?

If we want to support it we need to rewrite how we handle DNS at the moment. If ispsystem is capable of AXFR zone transfer it will be a lot easier.

Probably not. They have an api - https://docs.ispsystem.com/dnsmanager/developer-section/dnsmanager-api

What is the cost of integration?

Again 3rd party DNS providers is currently not planned in the near feature and have other issues that should get priority.

Not interested even if it would pay +10 000 euro…

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