HestiaCP does not support .com.vn domain?

I am trying to add this domain into my control panel. Everything is ok including add domain, SSL, install WordPress BUT

Visit the domain, nothing just the welcome logo and text


Your new web server is ready to use.

Tried to remove the domain, add again, clear all the cache, test multiple times, still same problem.

I checked the public_html folder and all the files are there.

Please help

If you try my www.domain.com.vn you have to add www alias manually. Othewise there should be no reason why domain.com.vn doesn’t work.

As both Letsencrypt does work over http request and Wordpress also requieres a working domain

I did like for .Com domain when add the domain .com.vn I chosen the option Redirect to WWW but it does not work.

What do you mean add www alias manually?

Of course, in Cloudflare I have create a CNAME and point www to my A record, for every domain

Thanks for support, @eris

Hestia sees “com.vn” as the top level domain instead of domain.com.vn. It think domain.com.vn is an sub domain and will not add the www alias on default

just enter the www.domain.com.vn into the Alias area then it is working very well.

Thanks @eris

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