Hestiacp installation stack for magento 2.4

Hi, I am looking for freelancer who can install hestiacp for magento 2.4 stack.

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Hi, Can help with all needed for running Magento 2.4.x based on HestiaCP.

Hi the default timeout of php for hestiacp is 30 change it to 3600

That’s not only simple change of timeout settings :wink: that in complex consists of optimal php-fpm settings, general php options tuning, changes in php-opcache, additional configuration of redis/rabbitmq/elastic search services and so on and on… mariadb 10.5 resetup/optimization and linking all together with Magento itself comes on finish.
So not so simple as You think, especially with recent mods for 2.4.x *if compared with previous 2.0.x-2.3.x) @elcapitanph

Magento still not support Mariadb 10.5 yet


Basically it already supported fully, since early pre-launch of 2.3.5-p2/2.4.0, put additional effort on tests/debug all related, and worked perfectly - it’s not yet well documented and require only small changes within Magento configuration files (without any additional code at all).
Composer dependencies also already up to date/compatible
Basically on one of mine dev server running Ubuntu 20.0.4 with Hestia 1.3.0~beta/Latest Nginx(with mod_pagespeed and mod_brotli)/Php7.x-fpm/Redis/Elastic7/Redis/MariaDB-10.5 get successfully running simultaneously Magento CE 2.3.5-p1/CE 2.3.5-p2/CE 2.4.0 and also EE 2.3.x / EEB2B 2.3.x.

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Hi there! Could you help me out installing Magento 2.4 on HestiaCP 1.3.0, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

I need help in installing dependencies, server tuning, and the installation of Magento.

If you want to get paid, let me know your fee, If it fits my budget then we push through.

Please send PM, if need any help with configure.
Can help with all needed for proper running of Magento 2.4.x