HestiaCP Italian translations

As I noticed a few typos in the Italian translation of the panel’s GUI, I tried to correct them in your Hestia CP < GlotPress site.
Checking thoroughly, I noticed that there’s still quite a few strings that haven’t been translated into Italian, and a few translations where the translator used English terms instead of Italian ones (i.e. “Email” instead of “Posta elettronica”).
Furthermore there are some strings, where the meaning is a bit difficult to grasp, so that would need to be discussed with your team.
Is there anyone in your team, in charge of checking and approving translations I could refer to?

Hi, I am doing some translations for Italian. Feel free to edit, adjust by yourself;)

Hi Ubi,
Nice to meet you!
I amended a few typos in the translation platform. These changes have been already approved and updated in the GUI?

What about the meaning of some sentences… would you be able to help?
We can discuss it here or somewhere else?

Updates to the new UI needs to be synced with Github and later then with the packages…

I will do the “syncing” this weekend new packages will are planned for next week…

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Hi jobet,

Thank you, very appreciated!

Actually I am not using Italian as language for Hestia, just trying to contribute somehow to the project being italian my native language. Sorry if there are some typos and/or out-of-context wording :slight_smile:

Another point is how to deal with GUI. Your example above is perfect; “Email” is definitely shorter than “Posta elettronica” as label, fitting maybe better for GUI layout.

About discussing translations, I think there is a dedicated discord channel, but I am not very active and Italian language is not a so important topic as you can easily guess :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ubi
Quindi sei italiano… piacere di conoscerti!
Looking at the Italian translations I noticed that the amendments I’ve made yesterday are not there… Translations < Italian < Hestia CP < GlotPress
Do they need to be approved first?

Finally, what’s the “dedicated discord channel” you are mentioning?

A presto!

We have a discord channel for general chat and support as an add-on for the forum. But the translations channel is almost never used. Last post is from 3 month ago…

I have approved all the ammendends…


To sort them from last to oldest

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Hi @eris
The amendments have been approved, but they are not yet showing up in the main translation site: Translations < Italian < Hestia CP < GlotPress
It takes some time to show up?

No they are already visible only the shorting is quite strange as it short by “priority” and not something more logical…