Hestiacp local server email

i have been running hestiacp on vps for a while and everything works fine on vps.
recently i decided to use cloud with hestiacp and nextcloud on my local server rather than my vps.
i got static ip and rDNS set from my ISP and installed nextcloud as well.
i have also setup DMZ on my router for servers’s internal ip.
the issue is i am unable to rcv emails on my local server.
i can send emails to gmail and hotmail but cant send to mail-tester and cant rcv from anyone either.
my dns/rdns/ip/port forwarding are setup fine and with same settings i can use on vps just fine.
can anyone help me fixing it on local server please.

Running a home local server is a big headache, although it is possible.
It is Highly recommended NOT to run hestiacp on local home network.
That is not the issue with hestiacp.

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how is this solved and considered a solution?
i problem is very specific if you dont have a good solution then please let it be i might find someone else with a solution.
you basically just told me what i already know.

This forum isn’t for general server support assistance. If you have a problem that is Hestia specific, you haven’t described it in a manner that indicates that. General mail server support and troubleshooting is off-topic here.


it is hestia specific.
i just installed hestiacp on a local server where i do have static ip + rdns and i have opened the ports also then how come its not working?

also alot of people answering with negative remarks,

i request if you dont have a solution for me then let it be someone even outside the usual resolvers can come and provide a solution, thats the point of community forums not taunt or demotivate people.

Hosting email in a local network behind a NAT system is asking for issues and I am not going to resolve them.

it depends ons somany setups that is different for each router. And I can’t help you with it…

No one is trying to taunt or demotivate anyone. We are trying to encourage you to seek assistance in the appropriate venue. Your questions have nothing to do with Hestia specifically. They are general networking and server administration questions. They don’t suddenly become on-topic just because you installed Hestia. You need to find a forum where general networking and server administration are the focus.


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