HestiaCP Module for WemX

Hi guys,

I have been using HestiaCP for quite a while for my Laravel projects. I decided to create a full integration for Hestia with WemX which is a billing software.

The HestiaCP module allows you to fully manage your HestiaCP account from the dashboard, using the API think of creating new domains, ftp accounts, emails, databases, backups and much more. Ofcourse, you can also login to HestiaCP directly to access settings. There is also support for upgrading and downgrading packages.

With this module, each order placed is given its unique username so that a user can place multiple orders for different packages.

source code: GitHub - WemXPro/service-hestia: Hestia integration for WemX

Developers are free to use the code for their own project.

With this post, I simply wanted to share my work :slight_smile: If that’s not the right place, please let me know.