HestiaCP Modules for Blesta

as we all know that Blesta is the best alternative to whmcs.
currently Blesta supports vestacp module,
but not yet for HestiaCP.

Will hestiacp have plans to develop modules for it?

Thank you

Currently not no, probaly you can take over the vesta module and check if it works. We still have the same API.

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Hi there, there are any updates on this ?

Don’t see a reason why it doesn’t work.

I will try it out here
I will share possible updates or crashes as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Original Blesta Repo for Previous panel

For Now i clone the repo to my self here:

I would first suggest to use the original https://github.com/blesta/module-vesta so you can easier sync it as updates are still made to blesta.

If you have a dev license available install it and see what doesn’t work so far I can see it should be working fine

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