HestiaCP MultiPHP

any advise about HestiaCP MultiPHP ?
We would like to use PHP 7.2 & 5.6.

something like https://github.com/jorgbot/VestaCP-MultiPHP

Just use hst-install.sh --multiphp yes.

while i try to using ‘hst-install.sh --multiphp yes’ >> it shows me the hestia initial installation options. Means will re’install as fresh?

Possible to just install the MultiPHP feature on my current existing server?


You could try the following tutorial: https://forum.vestacp.com/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=17129

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Nice. It works well. Thank you

why multiple PHP version is not recommended for producton sites?

you can use apache2, nginx and multiphp for productive servers. Only the nginx+php fpm setup needs a bit of rework, but this is already on the to do list.

@ScIT, If I have not installed the multi php at Hestia´s installation time, can I install it afterwards ?

Yes Multiphp tag is not required any more

Check Configure Server --> PHP Versions or check v-add-web-php

Will multi-php installation work with php-fpm only without Apache on last release?


Apache + PHP-FPM is still supported install supported.

Check Configure Server --> PHP Versions or check v-add-web-php

If it does not work than why to install multi php on php-fpm installations only?

Sorry I read your question wrong

Nginx + PHP FPM is still with multi php.

MultiPHP Flag will just install all the php version (5.6 till 7.4) via PHP-FPM on your server.

OK. I need to check it on test server. If it is possible to have diffrent php versions for domains without Apache installed, it will be great!

Yes you can select PHP version per domain.

Domain A runs PHP 7.4 and Domain B runs PHP 7.3 How ever if the share the same user account /usr/bin/php can have only one version selected. How ever you are still able to run /usr/bin/php7.3 and /usr/bin/php7.4 for example

I would suggest to not use the Multi PHP Flag any more and just use the web interface / cli and select only the versions you need.


Thank you guys very much for your work!