Hestiacp New Upgrade v1.3.0 has a problem

When Auto Upgrade to the new version of Hestiacp
The Hestiacp Login page looks like the following: Port: 8083

This problem occurred on VPS with Ubuntu 18.04 / Debain 10

We have a web hosting service. This problem came to our customers
We used only the following two commands to fix this
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt upgrade

What’s the status of your hestia service? systemctl status hestia

What happens if you restart it? systemctl restart hestia

I faced this problem too. From what I can recall, I had to stop hestia service, make sure nginx was stopped too (I think I had to kill it because it wasn’t stopping) and then started hestia service. After that all went well.

It was some time ago and I didn’t document what I did, so I’m sorry I can’t provide more accurate information :frowning:

i m facing same problem can you help me ?

log in via ssh, stop nginx, stop hestia. restart both.