Hestiacp server slow after update to 1.5.0


I notice yesterday that websites on my VPS loads very slow after the update to 1.5.0. Sites that used to load fast, now loads very slow.

My VPS at UpCloud has 4 cpus and 8 Gb ram. More than half of the memory is unused and the cpu load is also very low. I have also tried to change the php version for some of the sites and it helps, but after a few minutes it get slow again.

My question is if any other user has had this issue? I think all seems to be okay with my server.

We haven’t changed anything regarding php / websites it self. If something is slower in a different php ask the developers who developed the software //


Thank you for the info. I tried to restart the server from UpClouds user interface instead of just sudo reboot. Right now it seems to have solved the problem, but i will wait and see what happens after 1 hour.

I can confirm that the issue is now resolved. Restart of the server from UpClouds user interface solved the problem.

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