Hestiacp with fallover isp

I know its not hestiacp related but i ask here because you guys are very knowledgeable and i am trying to learn how a webserver would switch to another (fallove) isp (ip address) and still serve to clients.

Basically i have 2 isp’s on my router in fallover mode, is the main isp goes down how would hestia still serve a client request on a different ip? I get having backup dns server (slave) on the fallover ip address but how would the dns point to the fallover ip address to serve content to a clients request?.

Hope someone could school me here, i have done a few google searches and youtube searches but they refer mainly talk about other unrelated content than what i am looking for.

Since installing hestiacp i have learned alot and i am tryung to expend my knowledge as much as i can.

Thank you in advance…

The only way to resolve that is over dns, but usualy ttl is set to 4 hrs and also there is dns caching which would lead to a downtime.

Failover on that level can only done with own BGP or a provider like hetzner, which provides “failover ip service”.

You could deploy an SDN solution if you are prepared to shoulder the expense.

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Thank you for your replies, i was dreaming about this last night (sad i know), basically my thinking was to get the external ip from a script using cron and when it changes use the hestia cli to change the external ip address.

I thinknthis would be the easiest option.

I have also been looking and the ubiquiti edge routers can be setup to use bgp, that would be an option there edge routers are quite cheap.

I currently have a udm pro router console and there ok

If you have your own IP allocation from a RIR, you could use BGP.

You can use a load balancer on cloudflare : Cloudflare Load Balancing · Cloudflare Load Balancing docs

It’s cheap (5$) for only 2 hosts, and you can setup 1 IP as a backup from the primary one (not sure about that one, but you probably can).

Then you can set as primary your main IP, and as backup/failover your secondary one.

It’s easy to setup, cheap…

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