HestiaCP works perfectly on ARM. Very good

I have an i7-13700K server. I installed Ubuntu on VMware and installed ISPConfig.

Although x64 servers perform well, some companies are introducing ARM servers. I think the era of ARM will open in the future.
I was interested in ARM, so I bought Odroid M1 and installed Ubuntu. And I installed HestiaCP.
ISPconfig is not installed normally in ARM and there are no plans to support ARM in the future. HestiaCP works very perfectly with ARM! Everything is perfect! HestiaCP ARM support is impressive!


HestiaCP ARM support is very impressive.

If Oracle can get its act together, Oraclecloud would be an outstanding option. I didn’t have any trouble opening a free account and could host Hestia on their free platform, but I want a teeny tiny bit of support and some guarantee they won’t turn off the instance on a whim. That seems to be granted by becoming a paid customer. Unfortunately, they won’t accept either of my credit cards (US based Visa and AMEX).

I have installed HestiaCP, at Hetzner Arm cloud servers, and no problem so far. and very good performance.
thank you hestiaCP dev team

Yup, i have two ARM server. Working very well perfectly

Although HestiaCP is generally satisfactory, Nextcloud updates do not occur normally and the service stops due to errors.

I ended up installing it manually, following the ISPConfig manual.

The manual installation of ISPConfig is fully compatible with ARM. We highly recommend using HestiaCP for ARM + Nginx combinations and ISPConfig for ARM + Apache combinations.

Credit cards from South Korea do not work in Oracle Cloud. I emailed customer support and they resolved the issue. After contacting Oracle Cloud, you should be able to use your card as normal.