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hello gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the solution.
Another important point, I’m not DevOps, I know the basics of server administration.

I am responsible for a Saas solution, which is growing.
The scenario is that between 19 and 21 hours is used by customers. Out of these hours and little used.
Having said that, in my view it is not interesting to simply increase the number of CPUs.
I thought about separating web for a server, static files for another and database for a third server. However, it comes up against this issue of being used 3 hours a day again.

The best way I believe is using load balancer. So, as the system reaches 70% of its use, a new machine/cpu goes up.

Today I’m using Google Cloud Platform.

As much information as possible is welcome.


Don’t use Hestia for it. It is currently not really scalable at all…

There is better software that is capable to do it at a better level…

A second server next to Hestia and a load balancer will not work as you still need to sync up the files…

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Obrigado @eris

Could you tell me about this software?


For example…

thanks @eris

taking advantage of the topic, are there plans to develop something in the future in relation to load balancing or something like that?

No, currently we do not have enough ressources to develop such a feature.

@Raphael thanks

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