Hetzner Cloud: shared vs. dedicated CPU

Did anyone compare the webserver performance between shared and dedicated CPU plans in Hetzner Cloud? I wonder if dedicated CPU is worth it for a normal webserver with several Wordpress and Contao sites!
And who uses the Hetzner DNS vs. Cloudflare or bunny.net?
Best, Michael

We use for Hestia all the shared ones never really tried dedicated …

I did tests. Dedicated CPUs disappointed me. Not worth it.

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You can run Hestia with shared CPU plans no problem. But considering you have several Wordpress and sites (some of them probably Woocommerce stores) I would recommend getting a dedicated one.


Utilizo hestia en VPS compartidos y 4vcpu 6gbram y el rendimiento es muy bueno.

Depende mucho de quien es tu proveedor y las webs que tengas configuradas

english only please!

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This was my result as well. My testing found the dedicated servers to be slower. My guess was the way Hetzner allocates resources seemed to give a boost to shared servers. FYI: This was on Hetzners US WEST datacenter which I believe is Amazon. I can’t speak for Hetzner’s in house European datacenters.

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I tested German. I see no reason to buy dedicated VPS from them.

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Hi. Thanks for all your answers. So I’ll better keep the shared CPU :⁠-⁠)