Hetzner DNS and HestiaCP DNS Zone

I have Hestia running on Hetzner and I wonder if the DNS Zone feature has any effect and if there should be created one during install. If I create a new subdomain I have to add a CNAME entry in Hetzner DNS.
I heard the Hestia Team is also using Hetzner. How do you manage DNS? Do you only use the Hetzner DNS or also the DNS Zone of Hestia? Currently I tend to create a DNS Zone, but I’d like to know what’s the standard procedure for new (sub)domains.

Best, Michael

I use my own DNS servers and Cloudflare.

If you create a new domain you need to update Hetzner before you can create a new SSL

Hi, how can you not use them? Do you use Cloudflare or similar?
If I create a new subdomain and set SSL I get an error if there is no entry for it in Hetzner DNS. Btw. I use the Hetzner Nameservers.
Best, M.

We use indeed cloudflare for hosting the hestia related domain. The ssl error just means nslookup domain.tld from your server gibes an empty reply, so you need to validate your dns configuration and make sure your server can look it up.

Yes, as soon as I enter a cname record in Hetzner DNS which points to the main domain, the certificate can be created.
My question is how to combine Cloudflare/Hetzner DNS entries with Hestias own DNS Zone. Or don’t you use the Hestia DNS Zone at all?
I’m just not yet familiar having 2 DNS config possibilities.
With cPanel I point the NS to the cPanel server and configure it via DNS Zone. Or I used Cloudflare NS and the (the meanwhile obsolete) Cloudflare plugin.

Hestia currently don’t support linking Cloudflare or any other DNS provider with Hestia.

Only option might be the build dns sync feature with bind/named

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