Hi is it possible to install postgresql alongside the installed mysql afterwards after instlalation?

hello im successfully running hestiacp 1.1.1 on ubuntu 18.04 since 1,5 years
due to the reason mariadb 10.4 is installed now i have one older apllication (typo3) which needs an older msql 5.6 maximum which is 10.2 compared to mariadb
i do not want to downgrade everything
but perhaps its a solution that i install postgresql afterwards,
and if possible how can i determine what version of postgresql is installed…
does anyone know what version i need for typo3 7.6.32

Not yet possible to do it with a script. With a future release we hope to support adding and removing modules later on via command line / webinterface

How ever u can follow the steps used in the installer script and it will work

PostgresSQL can be installed alongside on Hestia fine, I’m using it already on multiple servers for JIRA, OpenStreetMaps and other few apps

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