Hidden user after reinstalling (2nd installation) HestiaCP

After reinstalling (2nd installation) HestiaCP on my vps server, there is mentioned 2 users but in the list below it only 1 user which it admin (System Administrator). In the first installation of HestiaCP on my server, I am creating new user.

Help me to understand it & how to fix this, thank you.

“Reinstall hestia” or using the -f/–force param is only then a good idea, when you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, like unlucky in this case, you’ll fuck up your system :frowning:.

For your issue: You probaly reset the user.conf file in $HESTIA/data/users which contains your user data. There is no easy “how to fix it” because it would probaly be a mix of recover the overwritten config files and bring all in place, also there cpuld be more issues.

Easiest way: Save your website/user content, reinstall the server and start with a fresh hestia installation.

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