High CPU usage by mariadb

Hello everyone, I just freshly installed hestia cp on my server, but I feel that it is very slow and when I go to settings, ask monitor and then to View Advanced Details, I notice that mariadb is using my processor at over 900 % sometimes even up to 1400%, I just created the database and there is no user (client) connected.

My config

  • Ryzen amd 5900X
  • 500 GB Nvme
  • 64GB Ram
  • Ubuntu 20.04

(see image attached)

Your mariadb/mysql server runs crazy, your load is verry high. Check the mysql log.

thank you but I do not see the mysql log, where to find it please?

Please use your own admin powers to fix your system.

This is not Hestia related. you need to check your server and installation, maybe it got compromised and is running some malware or whatever. Did you try restarting/reinstalling it? We can’t debug your system for you, that is sadly not how it works :wink: