High ram usage hestiacp

I have a high ram usage problem since the day I installed the panel. When I check it via htop, it shows 4.51 gb ram usage.but when i reboot ram usage drops 300mb then it rises again.

Usualy database services are growing over time due to caching and preloading, mostly completly normal. Just have a look at one of my test servers (lxc), consume is there on 2.9 of 4gb, most used by clamav, followed by mariadb/mysqld.

clamav ve spamassasian not installed on server

It is still normal it should clear when needed. I would worry more if swap is getting used a lot

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My testing indicated that CLAM AV can use more than 1GB of RAM. This may not be a problem on a server with a lot of RAM. But if you have a small server with 4GB or less of RAM, then I recommend installing Hestia without CLAM AV. In my humble opinion, CLAM AV does not do that much in terms of helping protect your server.

hestia skips clamav automatically if ram is below 3g.

Unless you select it your self in the comand line…

I still haven’t solved the problem. if it goes like this i have to leave hestia.

ram usage/caching isnt a issue… You do not have any swap usage and the ram isnt overbooked aswell - I don’t know where you see an issue here.

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