/home/xxxx/tmp directory is too large

The /home/xxxx/tmp directory is over 20G and I can’t open the directory, how can I fix it?

How do you try to open the directory? Sounds like a lot of php session files (there is a auto clean cronjob placed in hestia, should not be the case).

Please use the root shell to get to that directory, check and clean the files.

I can’t open it with hestiacp’s own file manager, but I can with the shell, how can I configure automatic cleaning?

The filemanager isnt made for sysadmin tasks, always use shell. If it was a php session issues, you should check the hestia cleanup cronjob, need to search that one, will write again.

Sometimes rm fails because there are too many files in a directory. If this is the case, the find command with -delete option will work better. eg.

# Remove tmp session files over one day old
find /home/user/tmp -type f -name 'sess_*' -mtime +1 -delete

The reason, I believe, is that the rm command comes up with a list of all files and then passes that to the command in one go, exceeding the maximum command length. find will just take it file by file.

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