Host and mail server not getting ssl

main domain got ssl

Unable to get mail server and hostname ssl certificate.

i am not getting any error.

Waiting after signing SSL but no response

Help me please…

sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-add-letsencrypt-host

tried it and it keeps it like this.


Please do a basic debug, have a look at the dovecot log aswell as the service status (systemctl status dovecot), otherwise we cant help - expect guessing, but this is a time waste.

I can’t do a “chat debug” with you, try to manualy restart the service, something is failing, hard to know what without accessing your server. That’s why I requested you to check your logs in /var/log, mostly syslog and dovecot.

I don’t know the exact commands can you help me?

I’m sorry, no - when you use hestia we expect that you aswell know the needed sysadmin basics: Please read this, before you start!

With so little information, I can only tell you that if your hostname is mail.domain.tld, change it to something.domanin.tld.


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