Host domain alias on another server

Hello. I have been using HestiaCP to host both mail and website for a small number of domains on a Lenovo server. I have setup Nextcloud to run on another dedicated PC. If I host on the HestiaCP machine is it possible to host / point an alias of said domain for eg. to the machine running Nextcloud? Thank you

Yes you can just adjust the DNS records

With DNS you can point any domain and subdomain wherever you want. In your case: A A

You can have everything on the same server or everything on an independent server.

  • Web
  • Other web
  • Other subdomain
  • DNS server
  • SMTP server
  • Email server

First off, thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate it.

Forgive my ignorance. I am by no means a HestiaCP or Nextcloud expert. Far from it to be honest with you. When you say DNS are you referring to the individual domain’s DNS setup within HestiaCP? If so, I should mention that I am using Cloudflare where most everything points to the IP of the HestiaCP server. The IP that my ISP has assigned.

By DNS I mean the server that is telling the world where is your domain and its subdomains.

It can be any DNS server.

Your domain registrar declares which DNS server is the real one.

I understand that. However, all sites are running on machines that reside in my home with the same public IP address. Perhaps, this is more of a webserver configuration issue. Apache2 in my case.

If you are serving from home, you need to configure your router accordingly.

With all due respect, can you be a little more specific.

I am sorry Peter. I can’t help you with that since it is out of my field of experience.

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You need to setup a custom template and adjust the proxy_pass value to the internal ip of your nextcloud server. Web domains and SSL Certicates — Hestia Control Panel documentation


No worries @jlguerrero I appreciate you trying to help me. Have a safe and wonderful day.

Thank you for chiming in @ScIT I will take a look at the documentation that you pointed me to. I have spent the last hour or so trying to setup nginx / proxy_pass on my Nextcloud server. No luck there as I still have to enter my url with the port number eg. But alone shows me the Hestia Success! page. Back to the drawing board. I do not give up easily. Have a great day. Peter

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