Host mail server for other domain

Hi everyone. I installed HestiaCP for mail server on Hetzner with my domain and everything is working great. No problem at all.

I would like to host mail for other domain too and i’m not sure how to do it.
For example, right now i’m setting up a website for a friend and i want to provide him an email address ([email protected]) but i can’t figure out how to configure Cloudflare to use my HestiaCP mail server.

I added A records (mail and webmail) pointing to the ip of my Hetzner vps. The part i can’t figure out is the mx record. On my own domain, it points to that is pointing to the Hetzner ip address. But for his domain name, it’s pointing to another ip address where the website is hosted.

Can you help me please? Thanks in advance
PS Sorry if it’s not clear, english is not my native language…

Hi @mvez73,

For you should add a MX record pointing to and the A record for and should point to the ip of your Hestia server (seems you already did it).

Remember, you should not proxy in Cloudflare

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Thanks for your answer. mx record pointing to is working.
But mail and webmail are not pointing to his domain but to the ip of my mail server. Since both his website and my mail server are not host at the same place.

You need to change the DNS records in Cloudflarefrom to your server ip.

Thank you very much for your help. Incoming emails are working and even outgoing on port 25 is working now. I asked to Hetzner to unblock port 25 and i successfully set up everything on Cloudflare.

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