Host many websites on one machine?!

Hi There,

I would like to set up 10-12 websites (and their corresponding domains / IP addresses)
in my hestia CP.

Can anyone tell me how to do that?!

For ex., how can I add new IP addresses to the dashboard.
When setting up a new site (Add web domain) I must select the IP address from a drop down menu…

Is there a documentation for hosting multiple websites (and IPs/ SSL certs) using hestia CP?!

I haven’t found one yet.

Thank you very much,

Hestia is designed for running multiple websites on 1 IP

IP’s can be added via “Cogs” → Network → Add Ip


thanks for your answer.

I would be fine with it, to run many websites on one IP - if they all would have SSL.

As I read, its not possible to use one IP for many domains, and have SSL for them all -

Or isn’t that corret?!

Yes that is no issue. I have seen users over 100 domains on 1 ip with ssl enabled

In the past it was required to have 1 ip for 1 domain but this requirement was dropped years ago

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Ok, thanks.
Read info on that which is 10+ years old, that’s why : )


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