HostBilling Integrated with HestiaCP

There are several billing systems that are compatible with VestaCP that can also be used for HestiaCP, just like Blesta.

I found this HostBilling on Discord

Has anyone used HostBilling here? please share your experience

This is probably the first Web Hosting Billing System to openly integrate Hestia CP. I hope other billing systems also integrate HestiaCP, as proof that this control panel is amazing

I don’t know but there is a forum post about billing.

What I heard from users it worked fine after some setup issues. I have no experience with it …

Many years ago there was a free one for Vesta, I wonder if that is still available?

How to get the HestiaCP plugin for HostBilling? Can you give me a copy? Thank you.

use the vestacp module, should work.