Hostname change - now no /phpmyadmin

I all.

with Settings>Configure>Basic Options, I changed the hostname of the server from “hcp.domain” to “panel.domain” as part of my effort to rebrand the panel. I’m able to access the panel with the new host name but now "panel.domain/phpmyadmin no longer works, it’s a 404 error.

There’s no DNS record (that I can find) on the server for “hcp.domian” and so I figured I don’t need to add one anywhere for the new hostname. Am I wrong? I’ve added “panel” A record for the domain in cloudflare and anyway, I’m able to access the panel no problem. Only panel.doman/phpmyadmin is the problem.

Am I neglecting to redirect or to change a config file somewhere?


Make sure to add as web domain

I do that and I get Error: Unable to add panel.domain. domain belongs to a different user

That spring was just posted again here two days ago. It should be the second topic in this search, right after this one.