Hostname in new VPS

I used VestaCP in the past, but I’m new to HestiaCP and I want to set up a new VPS server running HestiaCP.

As far as I read in the community, is not possible to use the domain name as the server hostname, while it was possible in VestaCP.

What should be the right decision/procedure to decide about the hostname? Should I use the existing “” or should I use a new name like “”?
Is there any consequence depending on what is decided?

I have read other users to use a certain domain name and then move it to a user, but since I will start using HestiaCP from now on, I would like to use a “good/right approach”.

To be honest, I don’t have any preference, so whatever you suggest would be fine.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

With that nickname you must be from Spain :wink:

I usually choose a short host name that is easy to remember and clearly identifies the server, said that, choose what you want.

If you want to user your server to send mail, yes. The ip of your server must resverse resolve (PTR record) to that hostname, and of course the hostname must be resolved to your server’s ip because Exim will identify itself with that hostname.

The less things are being used by admin user, the better, so I recommend to add the hostname of your server to the user that will have the main domain but as default Hestia will try to create it under user admin so I won’t be worried about that. If the admin user holds the hostname and another user needs to host the main domain, maybe you should modify the security policy Enforce subdomain ownership to No

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Thank you @sahsanu , yes, I’m Spanish :wink:
I think I understand the situation a bit bitter now.

This is a personal server (basically for family and friends) and will contain 5 users (5 different domains) and all of them will have email service.

Since the VPS provider only provides IP and not any generic DNS address I could use as a hostname, I need to use my own address.

Since I’m already using “”, is it better to use it as hostname or is it better something different, not used in any hosting, like “”?

Thank you for your patience, I’m not an expert in linux neither in sys admin.

I knew it :smiley:

I would use instead of but as I said, that’s my personal choice, use the name you are more comfortable with.

You are welcome and no worries, step by step :wink:

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Thank you, Sahsanu (Muchas gracias)!