How can I access public_html (root) using ip address?

I want to access public_html using ip address and doesn’t want to create domain, I read some topics on forum and it says that it’s not provide for security reason. Can you please give me a documentation link which has described this restriction?

The feature has not been added period. You can update your hosts file on your local computer if you need to test things…

@eris Can you please share a documentation link for this?

There is no documentation link about it…

Open ChatGPT and kindly ask:

I have an hestiaCP server and want to connect to it without publishing the domain or subdomain DNS records.

As I only want to test, I have been told that I can configure my personal computer hosts file. How can I locate and edit that file accordingly?

Ask me any questions that you need including the os of my personal computer.

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