How can I allow access to a moodledata folder outside my public_html folder?

Moodle requires a data folder outside the website root folder. In vesta I could alter the opendir folders to allow me to place it in the private folder, but the apache2.conf files for hestia are different so I don’t know what I need to do to allow me to place moodledata somewhere outside of the public_html folder.

I would appreciate any help as I am updating my site as a teacher for a potentially prolonged bout of distance learning with schools closed.

Thanks, Adam

Well I solved it. The openbasedir directives are no longer located under conf/WEBSITE/apache2.conf like they were in vesta

Now they are under /etc/php/7.3/fpm/pool.d/WEBSITE.conf

So I added the folder web/WEBSITE/moodledata to the openbasedir and all seems to be well. That took me way longer to sort out than it should have. I will leave this here for anyone else who can use it, as well as for myself when I inevitably reinstall a year from now and forget how to do it.

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Hi @mrj

I can’t recomment to adjust the pool or webtemplates directly, this change will be overwritten during a update of hestia.

Have a look at the templates and copy what you need to a own, custom one - then edit it and adjust to your needs: V1.1.0 Templates - Where are they now?

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