How can I install NextCloud along side installed WordPress?

I have already installed WordPress through Quick Install and is running without any problem. When I try to install NextCloud through Quick Install it asks for deleting files in public.html where WordPresss files take place. Is there a way to install and run two apps on the same server?

If you want to install nextcloud using the quick install you’ll need to do it on a subdomain e.g. nextcloud[.]example[.]com. (easiest)

Both wordpress and nextcloud cannot be on the same root domain, if you want to install them on the same domain you need to create a subdirectory and install nextcloud in the subdirectory manually (without quick install). This means that example[.]com goes to wordpress and example[.]com/nextcloud goes to nextcloud. To do this you will need additional configuration in wordpress so that wordpress doesn’t return a 404

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Subdomain is the way.

Thanks a lot for your kind support.

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Thanks for your kind reply.

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