How can I spoof a sender email on Hestia with an email from a second domain?

I own two domains:

  • Already configured on HestiaCP, all emails reach any inbox with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC on PASS.
  • Another domain to which I need to send emails as the sender but signed from the first domain.*

When I tried to change the identity of an email on RoundCube and try to send an email, I got these validations:

Also, when I created the email account for the second domain on HestiaCP, the emails I send don’t reach any inbox because they followed the DNS configuration for this new domain:, which I don’t want. I want to send the emails from but spoof the email account with the second domain:

Can I do this on Hestia?

*I managed this configuration on a Linux VPS with iReadMail, where I just needed to add the second domain; the emails reached the inbox from the second domain. I have a soft fail on the SPF result, but that’s all.