How can I upload a backup copy

Hi I am new to this, I would like to upload a backup, but I can’t find the location of the backup directory or what command to use, I am waiting for your help thanks

Upload files to the /backup/ folder

scp backup.tar [email protected]:/backup/

And then run v-restore-user new_username backup.tar

and how do I access the backup folder because I can’t find it by ftp or how to

While there is a command to do everything from the terminal, I prefer to do things with a GUI whenever possible. So I upload the backup file into the admin temp folder using the Hestia File Manager. I then access the /backup folder by installing Midnight Commander on my VPS. I then start an SSH session as root and type mc to open Midnight Commander. A couple of clicks gets my left column to the admin folder which is in the root home folder. I then click to get the right side column open in the root backup folder. I then click Edit Copy and Press OK to copy the backup from the admin temp folder to the root backup folder. I then exit Midnight Commander and run v-restore-user new_username backup.tar replacing new_username with the real user and backup.tar with the actual file name of the backup. I then exit out of the root SSH session. I have done Hestia backup and restore many times and it works extremely well. See Steps 7 through 10 of the following link for screen shots of this graphical process.

Using Midnight Commander is a way that works well for beginners who are not confident with the CLI.