How can i use php 5.3 in hestiacp

good! I have to use php 5.3 for a website that I have to migrate. How can I make the hestiacp work?
In vestacp there was a script that installed any version of php, does it exist in hestacp so that it can be used as an apache template?

Screenshot 2020-11-27 at 06.33.42

Other versions are not supported. Please note that php 5.3 is allready for about 3 to 4 years EOL

With version 5.6 it works for me, how do I install the php multiversion in a working panel?

Where version is x.x

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wow thank’s!!
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PHP 5.3 would help me with some older e-commerce packages but I recognise it’s of limited use. (Expensive) CloudLinux to the rescue.
Thanks for the command list link - bookmarked.

Adding/Removing php versions can be done using the web interface too
(Server -> Configure -> WebServer | https://my-panel:8083/edit/server/)