How configure SSL/HTTPS access

Hi there.

I saw a lot of tutorial about how configure SSL to HTTPS access, but I couldn’t configure by my own.

This is my process on DigitalOcean:

  1. Create a new droplet
  2. Access by root user.
  3. Update Ubuntu
  4. Install Hestia

And here’s where I can’t continue… I’m stucked trying to install with Nginx or Apache.

Then I saw a option inside de web domain in Hestia about SSL/HTTPS.

I can configure HTTPS access through the Hestia Control Panel?

I tried and after that I could no longer access the site.

Where can I found a tutorial to Ubuntu 20.04 inside the Hestia?

Thank you so much guys!!!

  • Login into Hestia
  • Create a new User
  • Create new Web domain
    And enable SSL

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