How do I enable proc_open

I enabled proc_open in etc/php/x.x/fpm/php.ini. As well as at Hestia’s control panel.

phpinfo() also showed that proc_open isn’t disabled.

However, errors occur when installing projects with composer, with the message “proc_open is disabled …”

Where else should I change?

In /etc/php/x.x/cli/php.ini


I have the same issue overhere, however no disabled modules in
both /etc/php/8.2/cli/php.ini nor /etc/php/8.2/php-fpm/php.ini

Basicly for testing i have no disabled modules for all php versions configured from the advanced function inside the hestia admin panel.

However script under user still throws error: Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\LogicException: The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP installation.

Any idea how I can fix this please

Thanks John

Op /etc/php/x.x/fpm/php.ini

where x.x is you php functions

And check for disabled_functions

Hello Eris,
There are no disabled functions in my php.ini files as i deleted all available functions.
This might be blocking somewhere else by a lock file as i have understood in a post i read earlier but cant find out how to do that on hestia,I installed hestia only last night.

My system is running debian 12,

But i read a post about a windows server with zpanel. that said following

The problem lied in Zpanel’s httpd-vhosts.conf file, actually i have a Windows 2008 Server with ZPanel and suhosin installed, so in httpd-vhosts.conf file there was php suhosin.func.blackblist = proc_open, so i commented this line, and restarted APACHE from services, Now its working flawlessly fine.

Any idea of that coud be the reason and if so where do i find the vconf files in hestia

Best regards


We only limit it in the /etc/php/x.x/fpm/php.ini

Make sure you checked the correct version

Hi Eris

Here is my portion of the concerned php.ini file aswell as the phpinfo to of the application

I have removed all disabled_functions from within hestia for all installed php under the advanced web configuration so no modules at all are disabled on the server for any of the php versions

; open_basedir, if set, limits all file operations to the defined directory
; and below. This directive makes most sense if used in a per-directory
; or per-virtualhost web server configuration file.

;open_basedir =

; This directive allows you to disable certain functions for security reasons.
; It receives a comma-delimited list of function names.

disable_functions =

; This directive allows you to disable certain classes for security reasons.
; It receives a comma-delimited list of class names.

disable_classes =