How do I solve this cron job error in HestiaCP?

So I have this url to run as a cron job every day. I setup the cron like this:

BUT I keep getting emails from Cron Daemon saying this:

/bin/sh: 1: autoupdate: not found

What am I doing wrong?

That syntax is incorrect.

wget [parameters] > /dev/null

I would create a new script.
mkdir /opt/mycoolfolderwithscripts
vi /opt/mycoolfolderwithscripts/

Add this:
#check the parameters
wget $url -o &2>1 /dev/null

chmod +x /opt/mycoolfolderwithscripts/

And then put only /opt/mycoolfolderwithscripts/ in the Cron file

Check the syntax since I am not paying much attention to it