How do you set Remote vs Local Mail Exchange

I am troubleshooting a problem for a client who uses google workspace. I set up the account in Hestia 4 months back. Then a few weeks back the support form which sent email to [email protected] stopped working, in that support messages stopped arriving. If I send to any ordinary account no problem.

I have spent numerous sessions with google support updating DNS records etc per google support. On the google end we did some things there too.

The latest support representative said that I should change from Local to Remote Mail Exchange. This is something we never changed from the initial transition. Now that I look back to see to make the change I don’t see an option under the user’s account to do this.

  1. Even if I need to do this via SSH, is there way to switch to Remote MX?
  2. As it is not obvious, should this even be necessary?

Easiest method is to remove the mail domain from Hestia.

I’m not a network genie, mostly follow instructions to get from point A to point B. The reason we created the Mail domain was/is because we needed an account and the SMTP settings for sending email through the contact form. i.e.

$from_account: [email protected]

If we drop the domain we lose these values and functionality.

In the past with VPS hosting we used VestaCP, cPanel, and maybe some others and you could specify local/remote with each username/domain.

Since it was working a month back and we made no DNS changes then mysteriously started failing I really don’t believe that Hestia is the issue, do believe that the fault lay with Google, however their support said to do this so here we are. Tx.

Connect to the googles SMTP or use a third party SMTP server.

I use separate servers for web hosting and email

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  1. I would still like to know if there is an option to select Remote. If it exists I can’t find the path to it.

  2. @jlguerrero, thx for the tip. Are you talking about something like Sendgrid? I tried it once some years back but wasn’t convinced that it was the solution. Do you know of another service that you might recommend?

I connect via SMTP to an email-only server running hestiaCP.

Thank you. May I ask, are you doing this under 2 separate hosting account or setting up a separate user account to make this work?

I have server with user1 and mail domain

I have the server with user1 and a web domain

I configure the web page at to use an external SMTP server and I feed the system with the credentials of a valid email account in

The same server that acts as email server, also acts as DNS server. I have to point the DNS records accordingly.