How much time does the backups usually complete?

How much time does the backups usually complete?

I have like a 7 wordpress sites and I set the backup by default in the admin which runs every 5 mins so it can cover all the users right away. And then when it’s done, I’ll reset it to weekly backup. I want to know how much time does hestiacp completes a backup if the site or user is just less than 1G per user. I am using 11 compression of the default compression method, the “z” something, I forgot the name

The backup of my admin account only takes a few seconds, but my user account (that maintains all my web, dns, etc) takes maybe a minute or two. My site is only small, being less than 500M. I run backups daily (as well as hold weekly, and monthly archives too).

I would expect backing up every 5mins will be problematic, especially if you have multiple users with Gig amounts of storage. Depending on how paranoid you are (or clumsy your users are), I would think backing-up once or twice per day would be sufficient.


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Thank you man for the thought. I’ll keep that in mind. God bless you

It depends on 3 factors:

  • Server performance
  • Client data
  • In case remote backups Upload / Download speed target / your own server

For example: 50GB Client (Large / A lot of video’s)

2024-04-04 05:14:36 Remote: s
2024-04-04 05:14:37 Rotated sftp backup: 2024-03-26_05-14-31
2024-04-04 05:14:39 Uploading happyclient.2024-04-04_05-14-36.tar
2024-04-04 05:41:11 Size: 47359 MB
2024-04-04 05:41:11 Runtime: 4 minutes

So 4 minutes for the backup and 30 min upload

Example 2:

2024-04-04 05:42:25 Remote: s
2024-04-04 05:42:26 Rotated sftp backup: 2024-03-26_05-42-27
2024-04-04 05:42:27 Uploading happyclient2.2024-04-04_05-42-25.tar
2024-04-04 05:46:47 Size: 8242 MB
2024-04-04 05:46:47 Runtime: 1 minute

8 Gb = 1 min runtime + 4 min to upload

Server is an Dedicated server with: Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2336 CPU @ 2.90GHz

Please note I use storage box with Hetzner they are know for not the fastest upload but it doesn’t matter for me…

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Thank you, man, for the info. You’re a rock star!

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