How restore a backup from my pc

I have a backup in my pc and I want to restore, Please how can I do it?

Upload the folder in /backup

v-restore-user user name_of_back.tar


but where is that folder?

Edit: I mean how can I upload from my pc to that folder!

It is located in the root folder /backup
scp is often the most easiest way

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scp file.txt [email protected]:/root/backup something like this?

scp localfile.tar [email protected]:/backup

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thanks a lot, you’re great!

hey I upload the file but when I put this v-restore-user user name_of_back.tar I get this - backup file nee.tar doesn’t exist in ‘/backup’ folder, so that backup I have is from installation of hestia on ubuntu 20.04 now Im using debian 10

Should be the correct command

Did you have changed the default backup folder

no, it’s a new installation of hestiacp!
edit: now I see in my new installation hestiacp havent created a backup yet, already have 24 hours with this new installation

make sure there is a folder /backup , if not create it.
(the / in /backup means, it is directly on the highest level of your filesystem, not in /root or some home-folder)
make sure your backup tar file is uploaded into that folder, if not put it there, then run the restore command.