How set Dafault php version and nginx template?

When I add a new domain, I constantly change the default version of php and default template Nginx, how to make the default php 7.4 and nginx Wordpress?


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You can set it for each user package, login as admin, then go to users → packages.


Dear Team, good day!
I have similar question (I hope so…). Just today I had installed Hestia CP by request of web designer who is creating new website for us. He had sent me screenshot with details how to configure settings - in particular, on his screenshot I see that Web Template should be NGINX - Wordpress (please see screenshot #1).

But when I had installed Hestia CP - I found that single website (created during installation process) has APACHE2 as Web Server. I had tried to find some way to switch it to NGINX - but unsuccessfully. Please see screenshot #2.

I had checked different options, tried to create new Domain, checked Users-Packages & Server Settings - but I hadnt found how to switch Web Server & its Template to NGINX…
Kindly request You for help - how can I switch Web Server from APACHE2 to NGINX?
Thank You in advance!
Best regards,

it seems that the server from which the first screenshot was taken, has been installed NGINX ONLY, while your server uses nginx+apache2.

this is a setting you choose when running the hestia installer and I think the easiest to change it now would be reinstall and run the installer script again, but with the apache no setting.

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Leave the config just as is. And install wordpress. You will be fine.

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