How to access all domain via localhost?

Hi currently I have couple domains in hestiacp. Let say my domain is:
domain1 . com
domain2 . com
domain3 . com

All domain inside 1 hestiacp installation (also same user)

All domain is protected via cloudflare’s antibot. CF antibot can’t be set to turn off for couple ip. It can be done only in their enterprise solution.

When domain1 .com want to access domain2 .com via wordpress rest api. It needs to do lookup and go thru cloudflare (blocked via antibot)

How to make it resolve to localhost. So it don’t need to go to cf. And also saving resolve time. How to do it?

Or is there anyway to add host resolution like in window’s etc/hosts file? Is there any equivalent to that in hestiacp?

Linux hosts file is located in /etc/hosts

You can also use a different domain or a subdomain not controlled by cloudflare to connect to hestia.


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