How to access Hestia Control Panel from out side network

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for all your works on Hesia Control Panel. It even support different architecture like ARM64.

So, I just setup my homelab Rasberry Pi 5 device (Bookworm) with Hestia CP, using a custom port and it went well. Added a new user and a website from this new user, then create a host/domain The problem is I can’t access Hestia CP from this host/domain name. Did I miss some configuration to let HCP port access from public? I really appreciate any help.

The domain is pointing to your public ip address?
Did you open the port from HCP firewall and the router?

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The host/domain point to my ipv6 address (AAAA record), because currently, the ISP I use has adopted the CGNAT network which makes my pub ipv4 is inaccessible. With ipv6, I don’t think I have to do portwarding in my router, am I correct?

I don’t have much experience with ipv6 and isp blocking ipv4, anyway i think you should open PAT on your firewall as well. You can test if it’s working by reading the access logs.

With ISP adopted CGNAT, it means our ISP client ipv4 public-facing ip is sharing among different users. If I check my router, router WAN ip address is the range of – which is carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) private ip addresses (Wikipedia - Private Network IP). AFAIK, It’s still have public-facing ipv4 (Internet IP), but it shared among many users, ISP router route the traffic through the CGNAT ip addresses just like our home router does. Making it difficult to sync my mobile app data to home network. So, the only way I can access home network outside is by using ipv6 addresses.

BTW, I open to any suggestions, would you guide me how to open PAT, is it on the router or Hestia CP?

Unfortunately, HestiaCP has no IPv6 support at this time.

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As far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong) HCP is not supporting IPv6 yet.
If this the case you’ll have to host your server on a cloud platform.

So, currently HestiaCP is not supporting IPv6 yet, ok noted. Just wondering, any of you can access webpage? - hosted by my homelab HCP.

As my ISP doesn’t support IPv6, I used TOR browser and this is what I see:

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You could take a look to Cloudflare Automatic IPv6 Gateway:

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Which means my webpage is accessible from outside. Now the problem is just the Hestia Control Panel port can’t be access from outside network. Thank you for helping me testing, appreciate it.

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