How to add an additional OVH IP?

I am having problems adding an additional IP that I have contracted from OVH, when I add it from the Hestia panel, then I go to SSH and run “ifconfig” and it does not show it. I add it manually in /etc/network/interfaces (Debian 10), then I reboot with “systemctl restart networking” and run “ifconfig” again, now it shows… But I write the IP directly in the browser and I get a 504 error.

What is the correct way to add it?

I have never done this before but you have to choose the IP for the domains, and you should try to connect always to a DOMAIN and not an IP address.

So, create the DNS records for the new IP address.
Create a domain and select that IP in the panel
Try to see if it works

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No Adolfo, don’t invent that everything is already invented.

1st - use ‘netplan’ as recommended by hestiaCP
2nd - ask correctly.
How can I configure netplan in OVH? :slight_smile:

And now I answer you, follow my instructions and you will have what you are looking for.

1 - reinstall your VPS
2 - configure the network to use ‘netplan’.

I did it like this in an LXC container and automatically hestiaCP adds the IPs without problem.
In the control panel you add the ‘failover IPs’ and hestia adds them automatically
I got this by following the OVH documentation

nano /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml

                 search: []
             optional: true
                   on-link: true
     version: 2

IP-SERVER/32 == to the IP of the VPS == to the gateway

be careful… tabulations with spaces are important, if you break it it won’t work

The only thing that OVH does not document are the last steps, you must lift the service following these steps

netplan apply
systemctl start systemd-resolved
systemctl enable systemd-resolved

After adding the IP from the control panel, you can type the IP in the browser and you will see how it responds.
Forget the answers that NO ONE tries first, what I tell you I have tried

I can’t reinstall, it’s a production server with considerable traffic, but I’ll keep it in mind for an upcoming server. Thank you!!!

you can try without reinstalling
It should also work, but be careful… make a backup of the VPS first in case you break the network, you can restore.

the 2 ways of configuring the network compatible, in fact ‘netplan’ uses ‘networking’

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I solved it using the v-add-sys-ip command, I just added the IP, followed by the NETMASK, something like this:
v-add-sys-ip 123.456.789.0

The other values were filled in added in automatic, and set to shared (can be modified from the Hestia panel).

A reboot was necessary right away, because it was still not working until I completely restarted the server.


Yes, I haven’t tried this method but I did read that it worked, the only problem with this method is that you have to reproduce it over and over again for each IP.
creating the network with ‘netplan’ you forget about needing SSH

Netplan doesn’t work on Debian …