How to add this Cron Job in Hestia?

Hello everyone, I am new to Hestia I can’t set up a cronjob. Fortunately I was able to edit the PHP .INI and it works but the cronjob gave me error. It is this:

* * * * * php /home/juan/web/**MISITE**/public_html/index.php -- wpaicg_cron=yes

So I try to add it but it still does not work.

Could you help me?

/usr/bin/php /home/juan/web/MISITE/public_html/index.php – wpaicg_cron=yes

Minute: *
Hour: *
Day: *
Month: *
Day of the week: *

Hi, That doesn’t work either. I attach the images.

You shouldn’t have placed “generate” for those times ???

You command hash 2 dashes the screenshot you posted 1